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As a child growing up in a multi-culture city like Mumbai in India, I was always surrounded by people from various walks of life and influenced by their inspiring stories. That’s why sharing, creating and listening to inspiring stories has always been my passion. I graduated in Arts with Political Science as my major and did my master’s in Communication Studies with Video Production as my specialization. Following my degrees, I worked for 3 years in Mumbai as a content developer for television and digital media. I knew that I wanted to work with content, not restricting myself to boxed job descriptions. With my desire to learn and explore new avenues, I came to Canada in December 2018 to pursue further education. I graduated from Seneca College, Toronto in Fall 2019 with a PG program Event Marketing: Sports, Arts & Entertainment. Following that, I recently completed the Content Strategy program at Humber Lakeshore, Toronto and will be graduating with honours. I recently completed my internship with a Waterloo-based startup My Restful Mind Inc. where I’m helping the organization to build a long term content strategy and overlooking the rebranding of their brand.

Disha Mahajan
Disha Mahajan

I am passionate about delivering unique ideas and building a strong connection with the audiences. I’m a very particular and organized person in my professional as well as personal life. Making periodic to-do lists and prioritizing my work in high-pressure situations is one of my biggest strengths. With an eye for detail, challenging opportunities with strict deadlines bring out the perfectionist in me. As a perfectionist, I might come out as a stubborn or dominant person sometimes, but I never shy away from accepting my flaws and offering an apology when a mistake is made.

In my past time, I love to do journaling, binge-watching and reading. My blog is all about hobbies and my personal views on life & entertainment. You can check my portfolio to get a sneak peek in professional life. Also, You can check my resume here!

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