What my body wants
What is it having a penis inWhat is it having a vagina onIs it just simple […]
A Billion Color Story Movie Poster
I was born during the post-Babri Masjid Hindu-Muslim riots in Thane. We were among the few […]
Dear Dad Movie Poster
Movie Review: Dear Dad I was introduced to the concept of romantic idealism when I was […]
Blue Jasmine Movie Poster
When I saw Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen, it reminded me of two things. One: the […]
Appeared in: The One With The Giant Poking Device The One Where Everybody Finds Out Season […]
Season 4 Episode 11 Chandler goes to Monica and Rachel to ask for help with Katy. […]
The one with the videotape Season 8 Episode 4 In this episode, Joey tells Ross his […]
The Friends fan love the series title track more than any other son in the world. […]
Jab We Met released in 2008. At that time I was a 16-year-old teenager preparing for […]
जसजसं वय वाढायला लागतं, तसतसं ‘The one and only’, ‘made for each other’, ‘the perfect couple’ […]