The Ellora Saga: The Thinking Bath

She weaved him goodbye and left his apartment. She was happy, satisfied, calm and composed. Every muscle in her body was relaxed. As she reached her home she saw him waiting for her. He took her in her arms and she had the same feeling again.
She was guilty. She loved them both equally. she couldn’t choose between them. so next day morning she grabbed her towel and went for an unusual ‘thinking bath’. She was standing at the bottom of the waterfall where Sita used to bath. She sat there in the water for hours, thinking, that what should she do? Whom should she choose? Who is her one true love? Who respects her, loves her and trusts her equally??
Her fingertips started turning white with wrinkles. She rose from her seat. Walked towards the wall of the fall and the stones consumed her. Leaving her confusions unanswered…
And now here I am sitting next to my bucket full of water, ready to have my bath, thinking what answer did the nature gave to her?

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