The Ellora Saga: The Colour Rain

She was solo travelling to the Ellora caves. Making sketches, copying designs in her small yellow book. She was wearing a magnificent colourful scarf. It was looking beautiful amongst those quite and old colour dead stones.
Though she was alone she knew that someone is following her. Looking at her, especially her colourful scarf. She tried to ignore but later she decided to confront that person. So she turned and looked around for that person but couldn’t find anyone. She left that particular cave thinking that she might be hallucinating.
She roams around the whole day. From cave to cave; from sculpture to sculpture. But the eyes kept following her.
And then she entered in the cave no 16. Here the presence of eyes grew stronger. She went upstairs. There she had an amazing view of the surroundings and suddenly she heard an unusual sound. Natural but unusual for that place. It was the sound of the heavily flowing river. The gratitude of the sound grew within seconds. She felt like she was standing at the banks of a river with a great volume of water. She looked around for the origin and there she saw Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati carved on the balcony. The still stones were making the sound.
She went near them without any fear. She touched those stones and her scarf was taken from her.
The next day all the caves were as colourful and bright as her scarf was. But in that colour rain, she was lost. Never to be found again.

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