The Ellora Saga: The Cloak of Invisibility

So one fine day they all got bored. Bored with posing, being static and being eye candy. So they decided to shred their identities they were holding for centuries. That night they stole the cloak of invisibility from the bright shining moon in the sky.
The next morning the guards opened the gates at 6 am and she entered into the caves the next second. All her eyes could see was a huge plain rock body. Rock without faces, flowers or poses. She went through the pillars, the empty halls and the abandoned galleries. But she couldn’t find a single scratch. She was tired and lonely. She felt betrayed. She thought they got bored of her, her love, her affection and care. She cursed her over-possessive nature. She thought that she could have done anything to make it work. But they all were gone. Now there was nothing in her hands. She was hopeless and helpless.
So she sat there for hours, inside the Kailash temple. She cried and moaned and slept in that deep dark sorrow. And when she woke up, she saw that she was sleeping on the Dyūta Mandal carved on plain rock body.

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