The Ellora Saga: Hide and Seek

He was drenched in sweat. She was drenched in milk. His hands were raw and heavy. Her hands were as soft as rose petals. He was stinking. Her fragrance was aromatic. He had bulky physic. She was smoking hot. He never got anything easily. She was born with a silver spoon.
They met. And fell in love. Opposite attracts. It was a perfect fit. A perfect jigsaw.
One day she went to meet him. He was working. She waited. He worked. She got bored. He was carving. Her impatience grew. He was hammering. She got angry. He was cutting. She walked towards him. He was breaking. She fought with him. He tried to convince her. She threw his equipment away. He got angry. She got scared. He fought back. She cried. He realized his mistake. She ran away. He followed her. She disappeared. He is still looking for her.

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