What my body wants

What is it having a penis in
What is it having a vagina on
Is it just simple sex or
Artificially complicated sexuality

My brain tells me what my body wants
My society tells me what my body should have
I wanted to cry out loud and shatter the wrongful notions they set
I started doing it with unspoken unheard words
There I realize there is a difference between being bold and behaving boldly

Tits, boobs, pointers, suckers or breasts
What sounds more appropriate to you
It’s all same for me and my brain
It’s all I can see and all I can feel
It’s what makes me a human, a person, a thriving heart and a blushing face

My sexuality and its preferences come from my heart and soul
It’s not a disease or a thing forced by a mental dilemma
So right, talk, blur about my actions
Call me selfish, name me a bad influence
I remain the same at my core and evolve with every second on your clock
While you gossip and write fictitious stories stuck in a loop
I move ahead like the tortoise to win the race of choices in swift moves.



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