From Geet To Shaira

Jab We Met released in 2008. At that time I was a 16-year-old teenager preparing for her board exams. When I saw the movie, the female lead Geet (played by Kareena Kapoor) became my role model. I wanted to be like her, rather I (and other girls of my age) started thinking that there is a Geet inside me. I got inspired to make my own decisions; I started being bubbly, wearing colourful clothes and most importantly tried to make my own decisions. I couldn’t become Geet, but I tried. Geet soon became a fairy tale to me which doesn’t exist in real life. Many Adityas’ came by assuring me that they will be there no matter how crazy I behave but no one stayed. I realised that Geet is better as a movie character, she won’t survive the real world of break ups, melodramas, unemployment, backstabbing by BFFs, fights, affairs, drugs, addictions, politics, marriage proposals, race of being perfect, pimples, DIY hairstyle videos, watching series after series and this list never ends. In the last 9 years I grew up (physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially and socially) but Geet didn’t. I don’t know what happened with Geet in the last 9 years but I know that she is not my role model anymore. I don’t want to be a person whose favourite sport is life and who thinks that only she will suffer if she makes a wrong decision. I don’t need parents who will cry over my absence and I surely don’t need an Aditya to take me out of my depression. So I was desperately waiting for Bollywood to give me my new role model and today, I saw her.

Shaira (Vaani Kapoor) from Befikre is who I am (currently). She is employed, works and earns well to afford an apartment in Paris, doesn’t shy away from waitressing in her parent’s restaurant, she is highly confident, straight forward, she knows what she is doing and if she doesn’t, she accepts it. She doesn’t give up after her break up. When she is depressed, she handles it with books and her parents. At the same time, Shaira is so many things I cannot be! She doesn’t cry her heart out after break up, she understands the thin line between having a person as your boyfriend and a boyfriend. She is extremely comfortable with her short clothes, small boobs and tiny butt (in other Bollywood movies heroines are needed to have bigger boobs and butts but thin waists with deeper cleavage) (please don’t take this point in negative or vulgar or in degrading tone…). She dances well and can be a perfect runaway bride. Shaira has the confidence and guts to accept and propose various dares no matter how stupid they are. Shaira doesn’t make sex an issue; rather she believes in it and belongs to the societal background who doesn’t judge her for having many boyfriends. She has parents who trust her judgement, decisions and accept her as she is and never try to burden her with their hopes and dreams.

The woman I am becoming today needs a role model as confident; carefree; straight forward and practical as Shaira. I am turning into a person who is leading her life on different tracks, who has many goals and passions, who has to think about the long run in 360 degrees. I can’t be like Geet whose life stops after a breakup. I can’t let depression of one track affect the other tracks of my life. I don’t need to be bubbly, I want to be happy and content. I don’t need to wear colourful clothes and dark nail paint; even a coloured hair string or a colourful scarf around my neck is enough for me. I don’t need an Aditya; I have my family and friends and most importantly myself. I am not that foolish like Geet who doesn’t know the real ‘hotel descent’ situation but I can be that crazy to randomly jump in a lake. I am not saying that Geet is wrong and Shaira is right. But right now Geet is past and Shaira is my present.

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